Wooden Gate and Fence Materials are all pressure treated to resist mold and wood rot.
Since we make every wood fence to customer
specifications there is no end to what we can do.
However, we have provided some styles and types to help you
create the perfect fence for your home or commercial property.

Wood Fence Basics

Pressure treated wood can last over 7 years
Painting and staining a fence can extend its lifespan
Wood is able to be constructed into a multitude of shapes and sizes
The least inexpensive choice for quick installations

Privacy Wood Fence

Wood privacy gates and fences come in a large selection to choose from. As each project is made to the specifications of a project each fence installation will be different. This can vary depending on an HOA, local permit requirements and what you like to see every day in your yard.


Split Rail Wood Fence

From split logs to cut lumber a split rail fence with 2 or more rails can be a stylish addition to your property while being functional to keep livestock in or out of your property. It can also be a nice historical aesthetic touch to bring out the beauty of your property.


Arched Wood Fences

An arched fence can help create a visually pleasing field of view. Stylish for front yards that have restrictions on height or wanting to keep people off the grass.

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