Chain Link
Fence Styles

Chain Link Basics

Chain link is one of the most basic types of fencing materials on the market. This is due to low cost, ease of installation, durability and easy repair times. The most common materials chain link can be made from are:

  • Galvanized Steel – Economical material
    • Decent resistance to rusting
  • Aluminum – Middle of the road economical material
    • Will not rust so requires less maintenance
  • Stainless Steel – Top of the line
    • This material is highly resistant to rust
    • High tensile strength prevents moderate wear and tear

Depending on the needs of the fence solution will determine which material is best for your project. The higher use and/or greater need for security will require better material and a thicker gauge link. All chain link fence material can be coated with a vinyl coat for cosmetics and to increase rust resistance. Additionally, plastic privacy slats can be inserted to reduce unwanted eyes.

Chain Link Gauges and Mesh

Chain link fencing should come in many grades of gauge wire. The higher the number, the thinner the strand of wire and inversely the lower the number the thicker the wire will be. Residential material should be 11-10 gauge wire. While the commercial grade is normally 9-8 gauge thickness.

The distance between each strand is known as the “mesh”. Mesh size tells you how far apart the parallel wires are in the mesh. In other words, how large the diamond is from side to side. The smaller the mesh the more material there is in a fence and increased strength of the overall fence.

Black vinyl coated chain link fence

Vinyl or PVC coated chain link fence is a great choice to extend the life of any fence. It can also change the cosmetic look of any chain link fence to better fit into your plans. Contact us to find out what color options we have available.