Aluminum Fence Styles

Heights — 3-8 foot
3 Grades —  Residential — Commercial — Industrial

Transitional fencing is available to provide different heights in a yard.
Base Colors — White or Tan, Bronze

Additional colors available upon request.

Aluminum Fence Grades

Aluminum fences come in three grades ranging from thinner to thicker materials. A residential grade fence is sufficient for a residential neighborhood that does not have excessive people walking by it. However, if your fence will be located next to a high traffic sidewalk then commercial grade would be a better sturdier choice.

Commercial grade aluminum fences are slightly thicker than a residential grade fence. This is done for a fence that is in a high traffic area, like a hotel pool or commercial plaza. This extra thickness allows for the fence to take a little more abuse without breaking or bending.

Industrial grade aluminum is the thickest grade and is meant for extra security of warehouses or a military base. This level of protection is expensive, but worth it when you have to trust you can keep out a vehicle or unwanted personnel.

Residential Grade Aluminum

1″ x 1″ thick square picket rails with a 0.625″ wide pickets

Commercial Grade Aluminum

1.25″ x 1.25″ thick square picket rails with  0.75″ wide pickets

Industrial Grade Aluminum

1.625″ x 1.625″ thick square picket rails with a 1″ wide pickets

Arcadian Aluminum Fence

Arcadian Fence

A closed top aluminum picket fence.

Shallotte Aluminum Fence

Shallotte Fence

An open top aluminum fence with spade tipped pickets.
Southport Aluminum Fence

Southport Fence

A closed top aluminum fence with alternating spade tipped pickets.
Carolinas Aluminum Fence

Carolinas Fence

An open top aluminum fence with alternating height spade tipped pickets.
German Shepherd Dog Aluminum Fence

Labrador Dog Fence

An aluminum fence with tight spaced pickets at the bottom to prevent a dog’s head getting trapped & getting out of a yard.

Carolina Gator Fence

  • Aluminum pool fence
  • Aluminum pool gate & fence
  • Aluminum Fence Heliport Myrtle Beach SC