Temporary Fence

What event, construction site,
hazardous area do you need to take control of?

Temporary fence solutions are one the most sought after fencing solution for construction sites, universities and event venue spaces. The need for a short term solution to direct foot traffic, cars and even animals can change on a daily bases or weeks. Depending on the reason for closing off access to any given area will determine if you need a light, medium or heavy duty option to keep control of the area.

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Commercial Grade Temporary Fence

These type of fences are the quickest and least expensive options, but not best for high traffic areas or vehicle access prevention. The materials used for this type of fencing will deter foot traffic, animals and help keep your property safe from accidents.

Industrial Grade temporary fencing is designed to withstand the rigors of a construction site. Fork lifts, trucks and other heavy equipment will give this fencing material a wide berth due to the extra thickness of material which leads to strength to resist accidental or unwanted entry into protected areas.


  • Wooden Fence